Revealed Udit Narayan, spent 22 years under the shadow of threats, many times even thought of suicide in depression

Revealed Udit Narayan, spent 22 years under the shadow of threats, many times even thought of suicide in depression

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Jul 05, 2020, 05:00 AM IST

Amit Karna

Today Udit Narayan is completing his 40 years in the film industry. It was on this date in 1980 that his first film ‘Nineteen Bees’ came out. The music was by Rajesh Roshan. It was written by Amit Khanna. The song was sung by Udit Narayan with Mohammed Rafi. Udit Narayan is launching his YouTube channel to celebrate 40 years in the industry. He has received the Padma Awards twice in these 40 years of travel. He also won the Filmfare Awards 5 times. He continued to sing in 40 languages. All these achievements were not easily achieved.

In a special conversation with Filmytales, he said, ‘The struggle to get work before 1980 was different. Used to share a room in Mumbai with 6 to 7 people. The father from the small village he came from was a farmer. He used to ask doctors to become engineers, but the passion was different. In the days of struggle people used to say that it is no longer of any use. Despite being a talent in Mumbai, many big songs knocked on the doors of musicians. Even did it Then I got the first job. Then came from doom to doom in 1988 and have not looked back since.

There were threatening calls for extortion money.

Despite being successful with ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ in 1998, a separate struggle ensued. Constant threats started coming. It was said that you are flying in a lot of air. Calls for extortion money started coming. Was asked to leave till work. There was a group, who also gave me the name of Betel, who was insured from my work. May it be good for Mumbai Crime Branch, from where I get continuous support. First in 1998, the then police commissioner MN Singh gave me two police officers. Later when Rakesh Maria came, he also asked me to be vigilant. They also provided me security. All these things are recorded in the police records.

Threatened calls received by 2019

At one time, some people even started taking a betel nut from Lucknow. However, he was caught by the police. Another time happened when I was about to be attacked. Overall, I lived from 1998 to 2019 under the shadow of threats. There were threatening calls every two-four months. At times, there were also threats to kill. Abusive abuses were always in every call.

22 years of life spent under the shadow of fear

I had to explain that brother is not like this. Does not earn much 15 to ₹ 20000 per song. I am not killing anyone else’s rights. But there was no hearing on them. For 22 consecutive years I had to live in the shadow of threats.

Went into depression many times

Overall, there was an attempt to give me stress that of the bully. So that I cannot perform well. Initially, I was nervous. Many nights passed without sleeping. Went into depression several times. Even thought of suicide, but remained as an army person.

Life is not easy Sometimes he faced difficulties and sometimes used to behave softly. In the first phase, I was assisted by the police, from 1998 to 2002, two machine-gun police officers were with me.

People came to kill Lucknow with a knife

Another incident is from 2011. Then I was coming to Saraswati Puja near Sahara International Airport in Mumbai. At that time, I got a call on the phone that you should be alerted, people have left Lucknow to kill you. However, the news came on TV at night. I saw that a knife came out in the hands of people who were about to kill me. People also gave confessional statements. Singer Udit Narayan is given a supari to kill. Rakesh Maurya was the Police Commissioner at that time. When he went to meet them, he said, I also said that you need to stay alert something is wrong against you. He also gave me a gunner.

The bigger the floor, the more obstacles

In the shadow of the bullies for 22 years, I went to the crime branch many times. He continued to meet the commissioners of different ages. However, 40 years of film industry has given me a lot of love. I am thankful to him. I have learned from the hardships and threats of my life that the bigger your floor, the bigger the obstacles will come in front of you. Don’t worry about them. Have to stick.