Americans also surprised by Modi’s Navratri fast, fruit and lemonade once daily for 9 days

Americans also surprised by Modi’s Navratri fast, fruit and lemonade once daily for 9 days

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  • Navratri 2020 special story on PM Narendra Modi how he is fasting for 40 years and what he Eat during Navratri

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  • Prime Minister fasts in Chaitra and Sharad Navratri for last 40 years
  • Do not forget to do yoga and worship in the morning despite heavy busyness

It is 2014. Narendra Modi arrived in the US for the first time as Prime Minister on 26 September. Just a day before this, the Sharadiya Navratri had started and the Prime Minister was on a full 9-day fast this time, like the last 35 years. On September 30, President Barack Obama hosted a banquet at the White House in honor of the Prime Minister, but Modi drank only lukewarm water.

The American media was very impressed by the Prime Minister’s talk. Most of the American newspapers published many reports on his reverence. It is almost clear that like last 40 years, this time also Prime Minister Modi will be on fast for the whole 9 days.

Once he wrote in his blog and collection of poems ‘Sakshi Bhava’, fasting of Navaratri is his annual self-purification exercise, which gives him the power and ability to interact with Ambe Maa every night. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi Chaitra and Shardiya fast on Navratri.

This is how the Prime Minister’s fasting system

  • They eat only once a day during the nine-day fast.
  • Modi drinks lemonade in the evening.
  • Experts close to him in Gujarat say that during Gujarat Navratri it is allowed to eat a dish made of sago, but Modi does not eat it.
  • During this time, as always, the Prime Minister does yoga in the morning and also meditates.
  • During the fast, the Prime Minister does puja every morning despite the busy routine.
  • When Modi used to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he used to finish work during Navratri at around 10 pm, an hour earlier than usual, but now he does not take any such exemption as Prime Minister.
  • The Prime Minister does not talk much about his fast. He first told about his Navratri fast in his blog in 2012.
  • During Vijayadashami, Modi has also participated in Shastra Pujan.
  • As the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he used to perform weapons on Vijayadashami at his residence in Gandhinagar between police and security personnel.
PM Modi in the temple of Kamakhya Devi.

PM Modi in Kamakhya Devi’s temple.

Modi was on fast on many big occasions

  • First phase of 2019 general election

Last year, Chaitra Navratri started from April 6 to April 14. The first phase of Lok Sabha elections started on 11 April. During this time, the Prime Minister used to travel thousands of kilometers by air and campaign continuously. Even in the scorching heat, Modi only drank water and lemonade.

  • Assam election campaign

In 2015, Narendra Modi started the fast on the first day of Navratri by offering prayers at the temple of Kamakhya Devi in ​​Assam. It was only after this that a campaign was launched for the assembly elections in the state. For the first time, a BJP government was formed in a state in the Northeast.

  • Passage of gst bill

The Prime Minister was on a fast for Chaitra Navratri during the GST bill being passed in the Lok Sabha on 29 March 2017. The GST bill is called the biggest tax reform since independence. On this occasion, a special ceremony was organized by decorating Parliament on the lines of Independence Day.

  • Election campaign begins in Uttar Pradesh

The Prime Minister celebrated Dussehra in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, after the Navratri fast in 2016. It is from here that he started an election campaign in UP. The BJP recorded a historic victory in the elections held in May 2017. The BJP returned after 15 years in state power.

American-British newspapers had expressed some surprise
New PM of India drank only hot water: Washington Post
The American newspaper Washington Post wrote, “The new Prime Minister of India drank only hot water at dinner with Obama.” Modi fasts in Navratri for the last 30 years. While there, guests enjoyed goat milk cheese, avocado and capsicum, crispy halibut (a fish) and mango cream brulée (sweet post-dish) with basmati rice.

Indian Prime Minister fasted at White House dinner: Wall Street General
The Wall Street General wrote, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had dinner with President Obama and lunch with Vice President Joe Biden. During this time there was no confusion because they did not eat anything. Such events are carefully prepared. It takes months. All information about guests is exchanged. In such a situation, this fast was a very unexpected challenge.

Pious Hindu Narendra Modi will be on fast: The Guardian
The British newspaper The Guardian wrote the day before that lunch with US Vice President Biden and dinner with President Obama would be extremely frugal, as devout Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be on a Navratri fast.