Protein fudge: protein from vegetables is better than non-veg, it reduces the risk of death by 24%; Know how to complete protein deficiency

Protein fudge: protein from vegetables is better than non-veg, it reduces the risk of death by 24%; Know how to complete protein deficiency

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  • Protein Protein Is Better Than Non veg, It Reduces The Risk Of Death By 24%; Know How To Complete Protein Deficiency

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  • American scientists studied diet of 4 lakh people for 16 years
  • Claims can reduce the risk of death by increasing the amount of plant protein in food

There is a need to be alert if you eat non-veg to complete protein deficiency. According to new research, if you meet the deficiency of protein (plant protein) from vegetables instead of non-veg, then the risk of death is reduced by 24 percent.

To understand this, 4 lakh people above 50 years of age were studied for 16 years. Researchers found that if the amount of plant protein in 1,000 calories is 10 grams, the risk of death is reduced by 12%. Its benefits can be increased by increasing the amount of plant protein in the diet.

Scientists at the US National Institutes of Health, who do research, say that protein is very important for muscle strength and strength. The source of protein indicates how old a person will be. The risk of death is reduced by 13 to 24% in humans who meet protein deficient vegetables.

How much protein is required daily

Working in the field of health and nutrition Dr. Nandan Joshi It is said that the muscles of youth are becoming weak due to not being physically active and less protein is reaching the body. At the age of 30, the muscles begin to get damaged. Up to 3-5% of muscles damage every 10 years. Daily exercise and protein work to repair it and keep it active. Any person should take protein according to their weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kg, you should take 60 grams of protein in your diet daily.

How to overcome protein deficiency

Dieticians and Clinical Nutritionist Dr. Nitisha Sharma It is said that for vegetarians, milk, legumes, peanuts, nuts and pulses are a better option. Spending most of the day at one place, not keeping the body active and decreasing protein levels is weakening the muscles. From childhood to old age, protein is essential for every stage of life.

Over the years, scientists have been promoting the vegetarian diet. According to him, many types of nutritional deficiencies, not just protein, can be overcome by vegetarian diet. Know why vegetarianism is better ….

Reason 4: Why Vegetarian Foods Are Better

1. Reduces the risk of viral disease
According to a 2013 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, more than 90% of meat worldwide comes from factory farms. In these farms, animals are kept in a tizzy and cleanliness is not taken care of here. This increases the risk of spreading viral diseases. Recently, the Congo Fever, a viral disease spread in Gujarat, has also been described as a threat to humans from infected animals.

2. Heart is happier and less sick
Vegetarian diet keeps you healthier than non-veg, research has also been approved. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says, if you want to reduce your risk of heart disease, eat vegetarian food.

Research was conducted on 44,561 people in England and Scotland. It was found that compared to non-vegetarian people who were taking vegetarian diet, the possibility of getting admitted to the hospital due to heart diseases is down by 32%. They had both lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

3. If you increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables, the risk of cancer decreases.
Till now hundreds of such researches have come out which say, if you increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in the food, then the risk of cancer decreases. According to research done at Oxford University, if you remove red meat from the diet, the risk of colon cancer decreases to a great extent.

4. To control diabetes, eat up to 50% of fruits and vegetables
Dr Biswarup Chowdhury, a medical nutritionist from Vietnam, says if you want to control blood sugar, then take more than 50 percent fruits and vegetables in a day’s diet. Only then include grains. Avoid consuming non-veg, egg, fish, butter and refined food. If you do this, blood sugar can be reduced to a great extent.