Self test: 60 stairs climb in 1 minute, then your heart is fit, know at what age to exercise for a healthy heart

Self test: 60 stairs climb in 1 minute, then your heart is fit, know at what age to exercise for a healthy heart

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  • Climb 60 Stairs In 1 Minute, So Your Heart Is Fit, Know At What Age To Exercise For A Healthy Heart

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  • By the age of 20, running and cycling are the foundation of healthy heart
  • Add sports activity to your routine from 21 to 40 years old

Heart health can be detected by climbing stairs. Cordiologist Dr. Jesus Petario of the University Hospital of Spain has described the easiest way to know the health of the heart. According to Dr. Jesus, if a person completes four sets of 15 steps (60 steps total) in a minute, it means that his heart is doing the right thing.

165 study done on youth
Metabolic equivalents (METs) of 165 youth were measured by running on a treadmill and climbing stairs. The youth who climbed the stairs in 40 to 45 seconds had a MET of 9 to 10 or more. It has been proved in many research that among those who have MET 10 during the exercise test, the death rate is 1 percent less per year than others.

What age when to exercise for healthy heart

By the age of 20: run, play, aerobics this will make your heart pump more

At this age, running, cycling, playing are the foundation of a strong heart. These exercises pump the heart. Children should get plenty of opportunities to run, jump and play every day. Children between 6 and 17 years must do at least 1 hour (60 minutes) of physical activity every day. Whether it is in school or on the ground near the house. Children can also perform aerobic activity for the heart at this age.

21 to 40 years: 5 days a week, these exercises will keep the heart beat normal

At 20, the body is strong and flexible. This is the right time to lay the foundation of fitness. Play sports with friends, such as tennis or racquetball. Include hiking or biking in the sport. Exercise 60 minutes at least 5 days a week. It is most important to control weight after the age of 30. Bones begin to weaken after this age. This is a good time to make bones strong. Do weightlifting daily. These cardiovascular workouts keep increasing the heart rate. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are better.

41 to 60 years: prevent the body from slowing down, if you have joint pain, go swimming-cycling

After the age of 40, the body begins to decline naturally. Our muscles start losing flexibility. There is a decline in hormone levels of both men and women. The risk of heart disease also increases. Exercise is the best way to deal with it. Do cardio workouts at least 3 to 5 times a week. If your joints start to ache, then go cycling and swimming. When you are over the age of 50, complaints of hand and foot pain can be common everyday. Digestibility slows down after this age. Weight can increase easily. This exercise prevents this.

After 60 years: Do not stop exercising even if you are healthy at this stage of age

Researchers have found that people who reduce physical activity on aging have a 27% increased risk of heart-related illnesses. While those who continue physical activity, the risk is reduced by 11%. At this age, do brisk walking, weight lifting, dancing, gardening, yoga. avoid stress. Stress releases hormones such as adrenalin. These make the arteries thin. Raise blood pressure. Stress reduces stress.

5 days a week, exercise keeps the body alive. Muscles and bones become strong.