9th meeting too inconclusive: Farmers’ government bluntly – if you don’t mind why waste time? Please answer we will go

9th meeting too inconclusive: Farmers’ government bluntly – if you don’t mind why waste time? Please answer we will go

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new Delhi15 days ago

The 9th round of farmers’ talks with the government was also inconclusive. The farmers, who have been agitating at Delhi’s doorstep since 44 days, took a stance at the meeting. Farmer leaders also put up posters in the meeting, which was written in Gurmukhi – Will die or win. Even after the meeting, the attitude of the farmers remained intact. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar also admitted, ‘The matter is stuck on 50% issues. Therefore, it has been decided to hold the next meeting on 15 January.

The farmers have decided that if the government does not accept the demand in time, then on January 26, they will march on Rajpath with one lakh tractors. For this, farmers from all over the country will come to Delhi borders from January 22-23.

How was the attitude of the farmers in the meeting, understand in 4 points
1. Told the government – people are listened to less

You are adamant You will appoint your own secretary, joint secretary. They will continue to give some logic. We also have a list. Still your decision, because you are the government. People are rarely listened to. Whoever has the strength, it is more about him. There has been so much discussion again and again for so many days. It seems that you do not want to settle this matter. So why waste time? Please write a clear answer and we will leave. – Balbir Singh Rajewal, leader of the Indian Farmers Union

2. We will not go to any court
The atmosphere of the meeting was warm. We have said that nothing is allowed except withdrawal of law. We will not go to any court. Take the law back, otherwise our fight will go on. Will fight, otherwise he will die. According to the plan, the parade will also be held on 26 January. – Hannan Mullah, General Secretary of All India Kisan Sabha

3. Government did not listen to us and we government
The date goes on. All the farmer leaders in the meeting in one voice demanded the cancellation of the bill. We want the bill back, but the government wants the amendment. If the government did not listen to us, we also did not listen to the government. – Rakesh Tikait, National Spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union

4. Return home, only then return home
During the meeting, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar once again turned down the demand of farmers to withdraw the agricultural laws. To this, the peasant leaders said, “We are not a political party. Return the law, only then will return home. ”However, the Minister of Agriculture kept explaining to them that every problem in democracy is resolved by discussion.

How can the government not understand the way, understand from 2 points
1. Government is seeking options from farmers

The Agriculture Minister came to the media after the 9th round of talks. He said, “Attempts were made to discuss the laws, but no decision could be made.” We asked the farmers that if they give us any option other than to return the law, then we are ready for the idea, but we were not given any option. ‘

2. There is also reluctance to include farmers supporting the laws
The government does not want to offend farmers anymore. The Agriculture Minister was asked if he would also include farmers’ organizations supporting agricultural laws in the next meeting. To this he said, “There is no such idea right now.” Right now we are talking to the agitating side. If needed, we will consider the other side. ‘

There were differences on 4 issues, talk stuck on 2
There are 4 major issues of farmers

  • The first– Government withdraw the agricultural laws.
  • Second– The government should give a legal guarantee that it will continue the minimum support price.
  • The third– Electricity Bill to be withdrawn.
  • The fourth– The provision of punishment for burning stubble should be withdrawn.
  • The government has given confidence to the farmers in the 7th round of talks on the issue of electricity bill and stubble, but there remains a deadlock on the demand of farmers to withdraw MSP and agricultural laws.

Will there be a new route out of Dera Nanaksar?
Mukhi Baba Lakkha Singh of Dera Nanaksar met Agriculture Minister Tomar on Thursday as a mediator. According to sources, the Union Minister told Baba Lakkha Singh that the government is now preparing a proposal, in which state governments will be given the freedom to implement or not to implement the agricultural law. Dera Nanaksar is also involved in the peasant movement.

Baba Lakkha Singh said, ‘In the discussion that took place about two and a half hours, I asked the Minister of Agriculture that if you do not end up with any result, can you keep those states out of the laws which are quite opposed Tomar agreed to this. He said that he is ready to talk to farmers on this issue. Those who want to implement the state law, do what they do not want and do not. ‘

Agriculture Minister said – there was no proposal to leave the decision on the states
The Agriculture Minister said that no such proposal came in Friday’s meeting. Such a proposal should come from the farmers union. We have not approached anyone directly. Baba Lakkha Singh had a pain in mind that farmers are agitating, so a solution should be found. We had a conversation. We told them the legal side.

What will farmers do next?

  • January 11: The joint front of the farmers will formulate further strategies. Preparations will be announced on January 26 on this day.
  • January 13: Lohri will be celebrated as ‘Kisan Sankalp Diwas’ across the country. Copies of all three laws will be lit.
  • January 18: We will celebrate ‘Women’s Farmers’ Day’. 10 to 10 women from each village will be brought to Delhi border.
  • January 23: In memory of Subhash Chandra Bose, celebrating ‘Azad Hind Kisan Divas’ will encircle the residence of the Governor in the states.
  • January 26: Tractors will take out parade on Rajpath. It is claimed that it will have one lakh tractors. Women will lead it.

Only 1 out of last 8 meetings resulted

First round: 14 October
What happened: Agriculture Secretary Narendra Singh Tomar replaced Agriculture Secretary in the meeting. Farmers’ organizations boycotted the meeting. He wanted to talk to the Agriculture Minister only.

Second round: 13 November
What happened: Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Railway Minister Piyush Goyal held a meeting with farmer organizations. The conversation lasted for 7 hours, but did not yield any results.

Third round: 1 December
What happened: There was talk for three hours. The government suggested to form an expert committee, but the farmers’ organizations remained adamant on repealing all the three laws.

Fourth round: 3 December
What happened: The conversation lasted for 7 and a half hours. The government promised that there would be no tampering of the MSP. The farmers had said that the government should cancel the three laws along with the guarantee on the MSP.

5th round: 5 December
What happened: The government agreed to give written guarantee on the MSP, but the farmers clearly said that the government should answer yes or no if the law is repealed.

6th Round: 8 December
What happened: Home Minister Amit Shah met on the day of Bharat Bandh. The next day the government proposed 22 pages, but the peasant organizations turned it down.

7th round: 30 December
What happened: Narendra Singh Tomar and Piyush Goyal held a meeting with 40 representatives of farmer organizations. Differences persisted on two issues, but two were agreed upon.

8th round: 4 January
What happened: In the meeting that lasted 4 hours, the farmers were adamant on the demand for withdrawal of the law. After the meeting was over, the Agriculture Minister said that the clap rings with both hands.