How will it be for the health sector 2021: Vaccine is an essential armor, but you can change the habits to beat Corona: Dr. Katoch

How will it be for the health sector 2021: Vaccine is an essential armor, but you can change the habits to beat Corona: Dr. Katoch

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15 days ago

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How will 2021 be for different sectors? On this, you are constantly reading the opinions of experts related to those sectors. Today it is the health sector. So let us know what to think about Dr. Vishwa Mohan Katoch, former DG of Indian Council of Medical Research i.e. ICMR …

An epidemic in India is not new. Yes, it can be said that Corona is the biggest epidemic after the swine flu of 1918. But, this time India has fought with equal force. Strong leadership, police activities, health care sector and common people have fought this battle in 2020. Now the vaccine is discussed. Some people will get the vaccine this year as well, but the strongest weapon in this fight is the mask. Apart from this, the use of hygiene, hand washing, sanitizer can protect people from the virus.

You will be surprised to know. I went to Japan 40 years ago. People were still wearing masks there. It is included in their routine. That is why there is not much effect of any disease spread through breath. This is the reason why only 2.5 lakh people have fallen prey to corona in Japan so far. While 2 crore people have come positive in America and one crore in India. Actually, wearing masks is not a punishment and not new. The plague caused devastation in 1910 in Manchuria, China. Then Dr. Wu first wore a mask. Then the epidemic was controlled by the mask.

Healthcare has never been the center of discussion
As far as the health infrastructure in Corona era is concerned, it is not right to put the government alone in the dock. Governments often make populist decisions in democracy. Common people will have to be more conscious about health facilities. Although the picture has changed. Now people are focused on health care. In this case, more than 2300 government and private labs are open for the corona test in 2020. Ayushman Bharat can also prove to be a change-making scheme.

Hygiene and food should be discussed in 2021
Now the discussion on healthy diet in the country should not stop. Night-to-day catering habits should be discussed. There is no dearth of healthy food in our country. But, they are not in priority. People are forgetting to eat jowar-millet and ragi. These should be included in the daily diet.

Fluorosis outbreaks are going on in more than 30 districts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. He is not being discussed between Corona. But it should also be taken care of in 2021.

Most important of these is how to prevent not only corona but other flu and viruses. For that, a person has to make some changes in his behavior. Eat vegetables and fruits with your hands, do not eat synthetic things. Congestion in hospitals will have to be reduced. Wait for your turn. Keep a distance.

Innovation should be encouraged in the investigation of diseases
Now technicians from India can do a test for microscopic microscopy for TV diagnosis and drug resistance. This was made possible due to innovation happening in India. Similar small innovations should be encouraged. Corona, cancer or other diseases .. The sooner the diagnosis is, the better treatment will be. It is not necessary to have only AC and Advanced Lab. Pathlabs of government hospitals and small clinics also work.

These things may seem too small to hear, but considering these, Japan today stands at 2.5 lakh in the Corona case and we are crossing the 1 crore mark. Ignoring these small things will be huge in 2021. We set an example in 2020, in a country with a population of 130 crores, the fast spreading virus like Corona has not been allowed to dominate so far. In 2021, we will go one step further. In this, the goal of a healthy India can be achieved through schemes like Vocal for Local, Made in India, Make in India.