In Corona Country: Vaccination drive trial in Punjab; Vande India Mission flights to Britain also banned

In Corona Country: Vaccination drive trial in Punjab; Vande India Mission flights to Britain also banned

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new Delhi15 minutes ago

The photo is from Delhi. Health workers collecting sample of corona test here.

The central government has stepped up preparations to start the vaccination drive. Punjab has been selected for the trial of vaccination drive. Trial of vaccination drive will be held on December 28 and 29 at 5-5 places in the two districts of Ludhiana and Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar. State Information Department gave its information.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government has lifted the night curfew to celebrate Christmas and martyrdom meetings. There will be no night curfew for Christmas enjoyment today. Similarly, the night curfew has been lifted from 25 to 27 December to commemorate the martyrdom meeting. Earlier, the state government had imposed a night curfew in the state till 5 January.

Vande India flights for UK also banned
Due to new strains of Coronavirus in Britain, the Indian government has also banned flights to Vanda India going there. The Aviation Department has issued an order for this.

Death rate below 20% of the national average in 20 states
The death rate due to corona in 20 of the 28 states and eight union territories of the country has fallen below the national average of 1.4%. Punjab tops the table with 3.2%. Maharashtra is at second place with 2.6%. Lakshadweep is the only union territory where no cases have been reported.

On Wednesday, 24 thousand 236 corona infected were identified in the country, 29 thousand 364 patients were cured, while 302 died. In this way the number of active cases, ie, patients undergoing treatment, decreased by 5450. So far, a total of 1 crore 23 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 96.92 lakh patients have been cured, 1.46 lakh patients have died, while 2.81 lakh patients are undergoing treatment.

Corona updates

  • Uttarakhand government has canceled the winter vacation of students up to 10th and 12th. The notification for this was released on Thursday.
  • The Karnataka government has taken a big decision before Christmas. The government has withdrawn the night curfew order in the state starting today. This decision has been taken on the basis of the review of the Technical Committee. Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said that this decision has been taken keeping in mind the convenience of the public. Apart from this, the Commissioner of Police of Bengaluru said that the gathering of the crowd at midnight due to Christmas can be approved.
  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that we have prepared a list of 51 lakh people, including front line workers and health care workers, who will be given the corona vaccine in the first phase. He said that for the first phase vaccination in Delhi, one crore two lakh vaccines would be required, because two doses of the vaccine would have to be given. We currently have arrangements to store 74 lakh doses, which we are going to increase to 1.15 crore in the next one week.
  • After the central government’s SOP about the new variant of Corona found in Britain, work has started on a war footing in the states. After 9 December in Goa, a list of passengers from UK and UAE has been prepared. The Health Department has stepped up efforts to trace these.
  • Suspected patient of new corona strain has been found in Nagpur. The corona report of a person (28) who came to Nagpur from Britain came positive on 15 December. However, the new strain has not been confirmed. The sample has been sent to Pune for investigation. Government Medical College of Nagpur gave information about this on Thursday.

State of 5 states
1. Delhi

On Thursday, 1063 new patients were found in the capital Delhi. 1120 people recovered and 37 died. So far 6 lakh 20 thousand 681 people have been infected. Of these, 6 lakh 2 thousand 388 people have been cured, while 10 thousand 384 patients have died. 7909 patients are currently being treated.

2. Madhya Pradesh
On Wednesday, 1007 people were found corona positive in the state. 1223 people recovered and 12 died. So far 2.34 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 2.20 lakh people have been cured, while 3514 have died. There are 10 thousand 766 patients who are undergoing treatment.

3. Gujarat
In the last 24 hours, 958 infected have been identified in the state. 1309 people recovered and six died. So far 2.38 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 2.23 lakh people have been cured. 4254 have died, while 10 thousand 940 patients are under treatment.

4. Rajasthan

On Thursday, 1001 people were found corona infected in the state. 970 people recovered and 8 died. So far, 3 lakh 2 thousand 709 people have been infected. Of these, 11 thousand 671 patients are being treated, while 2 lakh 88 thousand 388 people have been cured. The number of people who lost their lives to infection is now 2650.

5. Maharashtra

On Thursday, 3580 new Corona positive were found in the state. 3171 people were recovered and 89 died. So far, 19 lakh 9 thousand 951 people have been infected. Of these, 18 lakh 4 thousand 871 people have been cured, while 54 thousand 891 patients are still being treated.