Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie Review

Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie Review

Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie Review

Image: Kaushalya Krishna 
Cast: Aishwarya Rajesh, Rajendra Prasad, sivakartikeyan, Jhansi, Vennela Kishore, Shashank, raviprakas and others 
Music: dibu ninnan Thomas 
Cinematography: biandryu 
Editing:  Kotagiri Venkateswara 
Producer: K.A. Vallabha
story: arunraja Kamaraj 
screenplay, Direction: Bheemini Srinivasa Rao 

Release Date: 23-08-2019

Kousalya Krishnamurthy Movie Story:

This Movie is about a girl who dreams of making her father smile. She decides that the best way to do it is to play her father’s favourite sport, cricket, and win. she is the daughter of a farmer who belongs to a village where people have fallen on hard times.

Kousalya Krishnamurthy depends on its lead actor Aishwarya Rajesh and melodrama. Director Bheemini Srinivasa Rao uses the generic buildup one sees in such a film – a protagonist who is passionate about the sport, shows the hurdles in her way and how she has to struggle to achieve her goal. There is a motivational song bunged in for good measure. However, all of it feels forced and predictable.

Krishnamurthy (Rajendra Prasad) is a farmer. He loves farming along with Cricket. If India loses it will not be tolerated. Kaushalya (Aishwarya Rajesh), who looks after her father, also makes a passion for cricket. India wants to win the cup and win the father’s eyes. Kousalya’s Mother (Jhansi) who is against to her dream not liking to play cricket with boysHowever, Kaushalya is a cricketer who can survive everything. Did he achieve his or her goal? Has Kausalya elected for his father’s happiness? lets see on big screen.

How it is

Kanaa has good emotions.Everyone loving cricketThe way the two are mixed is impressive. ‘Kausalya Krishnamurthy’ has also followed same. without changing the main story they tried to take a good movie. Because the story is strong, So they didnt take a chance to make changes on story line. A girl is a cricketer and a farmer’s downfall. It’s good to pick a story that has a playground and blend it with the peasant conditions of the time. That credit is for ‘particle’ authors and visionaries.

All the scenes in the cricketing scene were well taken. They love it too. An inspirational girl, born in a remote village, inspires her to become a national cricketer. In the second half, the first half of the proceedings go well, and there is a sense of emotion with emotion. The farmer in the community shares the message of honoring their plight. Emotions in the story, the passion of the father, the patriotism are all well mixed. Love track is nothing special for the hero – the heroine. If it was even narrowed down, the story would be over. So instead of doing the adventure and leaving the plot, he did what he wanted and showed the story. Audiences have an expectation and expectation of how elastic films will end in sports. ‘Kausalya Krishnamurti’ ends the same way. Kaushalya, who has faced many humiliations, is the winner and the climax of fulfilling her father’s dream. The visionary succeeds in intentionally manipulating it.

kousalya krishnamurthy movie Actors Performance:

Aishwarya Rajesh, who played a cricketer in Kana, played the role of herself. He worked very hard to make himself look like a real cricketer. Even if the problem appears on the screen. The selection of riches has become the work of visionary producers. Aishwarya played the role of Morosari. Rajendra Prasad’s portrayal of the role, in which Rajendra’s acting is embarrassed. He acted all over the stage. The character of Jhansi is also recognized. Siva Karthikeyan used all the usual things in Karna. Starring Siva Karthikeyan, the character is the main focus of the film.

kousalya krishnamurthy movie Technical Analysis

The film is also technically good. The songs are on. The camera work is impressive. Dialogues about farmers are clapping. But more than half of the shops in Kana have been used. For those who have seen it, it feels like a dubbing movie. The visionary was unable to make any changes to the story.


+ story, chant
+ Shiva Karthikeyan
+ father-daughter emotion


  no change in the remake
 Most of the scenes copied from Original Version


Inspiring Movie


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