Mahesh Babu Follows Prabhas

Mahesh Babu Follows Prabhas

For First Time Mahesh Babu Followed Prabhas

Star Heroes are coming back forward to understand KT Rama Rao one when the opposite even since the IT Minister launched a replacement campaign to inspire public to travel for cleanliness drive to stop microorganism fevers and infectious disease. KTR inspected the stagnant water points in Pragathi Bhavan as they’re the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. He not solely shared those photos on his social media handle however conjointly gave a decision to the general public.

Prabhas was the primary Star Hero to applaud the efforts of Minister KTR to handle the crisis with a mass movement. And now, Even Mahesh adult male came forward to support the nice initiative taken by the Telangana Minister. ‘Dengue fever has become an endemic within the town. Do an additional bit to keep your premises & neighborhood free from water stagnation. Be watchful of yourself, Hyderabad,’ he wrote.

Probably, this is often for the primary time Mahesh adult male has followed Prabhas. there have been no complaints from fans concerning this development what-so-ever and that is a decent sign.

Both Prabhas and Mahesh adult male square measure the 2 Stars WHO square measure capable of crossing language barriers. Imagine however the multi-starrer during this combination goes to be like..!