Rebel Star Deals With Dil Raju

Rebel Star Deals With Dil Raju

Prabhas To Give Bigger Compensation To Dil Raju!

We have been being attentive to heroes giving nice importance to every one among their film and attempting to seek out the simplest way to compensate previous film losses, if any, and take share business forward to minimize the chance factors.

With every star hero obtaining over 10-15 crores remuneration, their film budgets are mounting exponentially too.

Dil Raju when having to trot out losses for many of the time with massive films, started asking heroes to a minimum of provide him dates as compensation.

Prabhas set to offer him 2 films to recover Saaho losses and even have an effort at coming into Hindi screenland it appears.

Dil Raju helped actinic ray Creations in emotional the film once a monetary issue arised. For that ten crores quantity and as he lost solid 20-25 crores distributing Saaho in Nizam and UA areas, Prabhas set to compensate within the higher than method, it seems.

Now, Dil Raju will be a part of another producer in one film and take up entire production upon himself for succeeding one. It depends on his flexibility however Prabhas has given him his word, recently, say reports.