Sharukh Khan Place Question Mark In Bollywood

Sharukh Khan Place Question Mark In Bollywood

Unstoppable Star Hero Facing Flaps

Sharukh Khan’s hit was long overdue. What’s more … his films are flapping against each other. Sharukh Khan has appeared in a complete defense with a series of flaps.

Sharukh’s films remain disasters, with nothing to do with the image of King Khan. Sharukh Khan has also made an experiment in the form of ‘Zero’. But even that did not give him success!

Sharukh has been taking pity on his career in a similar role. It is also known to Sharukh that a few more flops will mark his place in Bollywood. This is the idea of ​​launching his hero. Sharukh’s embarrassment to the next person to say okay in this background!

South is contacting the directors but the projects are not okay with them. Shaukh seems to be unable to decide whether or not to trust them. Other than that .. Sharukh has the idea of ​​making a sequel to any Bollywood super hit franchise.

That is why Sharukh is keen to do ‘Dhoom-4’. Analysts say that Sharukh is considering whether he will be a hit, even if it is a sequel to such hit movies.