Telugu Bigg Boss Season3 Punarnavi Kissed Rahul Sipliganz

Telugu Bigg Boss Season3 Punarnavi Kissed Rahul Sipliganz

Why Punarnavi Kissed Rahul Sipliganz?

In the 9th Week of Bigg Boss 3, Nomination method was completely different from previous weeks. every Contestant was appointive directly through a call. Thereafter, They were asked to convert one amongst the opposite contestants to finish a task with success to achieve immunity.

Sree Mukhi was asked to convert cake Bhaskar to urge clean shave. and therefore the Dance Master completed the task to save lots of the Anchor.

Varun Sandesh convinced Sree Mukhi to urge Bigg Boss tattoo to get immunity.

To save Punarnavi, Rahul Sipligunz drank twenty Glasses of Bitter Gourd Juice. The histrion planted a kiss on the Singer’s cheek for what he did to her.

Mahesh Vitta was asked to convert Himaji to sacrifice all of her belongings. Himaji united to try and do therefore however did not complete the task triple-crown. Hence, Mahesh was appointive .

For Sivajyothi, Mahesh Vitta applied red color to his hair.

To save Himaja, Varun Sandesh remained within the scrap till the completion of the task.

In Today’s episode, let’s examine what Punarnavi, Ravi Krishna can do to save lots of the opposite contestants (Baba Bhaskar, Rahul Sipliganz).