Velluvochhi Godaramma Song Making From Varun Tej Valmiki Movie

Velluvochhi Godaramma Song Making From Varun Tej Valmiki Movie

That’s How Sridevi’s Iconic Song Was Recreated!

Who may have forgot the song ‘Velluvochhi Godaramma’ from the flick ‘Devatha’? the way during which K Raghavendra Rao picturized this dance range with Sridevi became a reference for several such glamour feasts.

Generally, Remix Songs in films stellar Young Crop of Mega Heroes are going to be from either Chiru or Pawan-starrers. For a amendment, Harish Shankar most popular ‘Velluvochhi Godaramma’ to gift Pooja Hegde because the glamour doll. the necessity for this song embrace one,500 Pots that were foreign from city to bring the grandeur. Pooja Hegde flauted her well-crafted midriff simply alike Sridevi to recreate the enduring song. Varun Tej are going to be making an attempt to be like Sobhan man for a short amount.

Sekhar Master has done the choreography for ‘Velluvochhi Godaramma’ remix song. This special component picturized in Yanam are going to be one in all the highlights of ‘Valmiki’ if the creating video is any indication.

‘Valmiki’ is cathartic on Gregorian calendar month twentieth. This flick is predicted to enrapture the plenty with all business parts blending with a unique subject.