Just Because She Had a Crush on Rithik Roshan Her Husband Killed Her

Just Because She Had a Crush on Rithik Roshan Her Husband Killed Her

She Has Crush On Hrithik Roshan .. NRI killed Her Wife!

Bollywood Dynamic Hero Hrithik Roshan Hrithik, the wife of a  man in US, also developed a mad fervor. Her husband, who cannot tolerate wife addiction to hero, killed herself and committed suicide. Hero Hrithik Roshan was indirectly responsible for the death of Indians in this exile. The event took place in Queens, New York.

Donne Dozoy, a Gujarat expat Indian living in New York, USA. Three years ago she became acquainted with Gujarat’s Dineshwar Budihat and got married.

Donne Dojoy is a fan favorite of Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan. Dineshwar’s husband, Dineshwar, has often called for change,but his wife, Dojo, does not listen. This often results in conflicts between them. She enjoying comparing her husband With Hrithik Roshan. Dineshwar struck Dojoy in the same manner, with a clash between the two for two weeks. This leaves her home and her girlfriend is in the apartment. Dineshwar, who had further a grudge against Dojoy, was ready to kill her.

Dineshwar phoned his wife Dojo to go to Hrithik’s movie to forget the riots. Dozoy came to the flat believing her husband’s words. Dineshwar committed suicide by hanging herself with a fan in the living room of the Howard beach resort.

Dozoyi’s friends said that Coleke had committed the murder as the police were staying with him.