A Aa movie first week collections

A Aa movie first week collections

Telugu movie “A…Aa,” starring Nithin and Samantha, has collected over Rs. 38.18 crore gross at the worldwide box office in its first weekend.The Nithin and Samantha starrer was released in 600 screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 200 screens in other parts of India and 200 screens in the international markets on June 2, the Telangana Formation Day. “A…Aa” was released in a total of 1,000 screens across the globe and it is the biggest screen count for a Nithin starrer film.

A Aa movie firstweek collections:

AREA                  RIGHTS                   EARNINGS

Nizam                   Rs. 8 crore           Rs. 6.62 crore

Ceeded                 Rs. 3.60 crore     Rs. 2.23 crore

Vizag                     Rs. 2.70 crore     Rs. 1.60 crore

G East                   Rs. 1.90 crore     Rs. 1.34 crore

G West                 Rs. 1.60 crore     Rs. 1 crore

Krishna                 Rs. 1.70 crore     Rs. 1.22 crore

Guntur                 Rs. 2.20 crore    Rs. 1.26 crore

Nellore                 Rs. 0.90 crore    Rs. 0.47 crore

AP/T Total           Rs. 22.60 crore  Rs. 15.77 crore

Karnataka            Rs. 2.50 crore    Rs. 1.80 crore

Rest of India       Rs. 070 crore     Rs. 0.50 crore

Overseas             Rs. 4.70 crore    Rs. 8.61 crore

Global Total        Rs. 30.50 crore  Rs. 26.68 crore