George Reddy Movie Review

George Reddy Movie Review

George Reddy a Man of Inspiration

Release date : November 22, 2019

Rating : 3/5

Starring : Sandeep Madhav, Muskaan Khubchandani

Director : Jeevan Reddy

Producers : Appi Reddy, Damu Reddy

Music Director : Suresh Bobbili

George Reddy is a film Based on the true story of George Reddy, Student and Leader of Osmania college. Directed by Jeevan Reddy, the film was released today. Let’s see however it’s.


George Reddy joins in OU for his studies. There he find students are facing Many Problems. He keeps silent for a while but rises after a major incident. watching his courage, students in the college supports him and soon, he becomes a hero in the college. He started rising for the rights of the students and situations created a lot of enemies. How did he takeover with all these serious incidents ? how he died in the end? To know the answers, you need to watch the film.

Plus Points:

The entire university has been established well because the bygone era has been recreated fantastically. Sandy leads from the front and is excellent within the role of George Reddy. His visual communication, screen presence, and dialogue delivery were excellent. Sandy was excellent all told the fights.

Heroine Muskan appearance cute and was spectacular in her very little role. Pelli Choopulu fame Abhay got a key role as Rajanna and he did fantastically well as an aggressive student. Chaitanya Krishna was neat because the student leader so was Manoj Nandan.

Satya Dev may be a sensible actor and he shined in his little however crucial role. The fights and BGM would like a special mention as they need been composed extraordinarily. the assorted fights are the highlight and are planned well, particularly the blade fight. the primary half the film was spectacular because it had all the tight student politics.

Minus Points:

The film completely becomes one-sided which is of a revolutionary mode. there’s no conflict purpose as a powerful villain’s thread would have created matters even higher.

The proceedings are quite sure as a fight is followed by a revolutionary scene. Some scenes provide you with instant high however kind there on the film falls flat. The climax is additionally not handled well as several characters and things haven’t in any respect been even well. The director didn’t provide clarity within the film on who is doing what and why.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, the film credit goes to art direction and production design department as they recreated the bygone era during a excellent manner. As told earlier, BGM is superb and it lift’s the film to a different level. Dialogues are decent, the camerawork that showcases Osmania university in a splendid way. writing is simply concerning okay.

Coming to the director Jeevan Reddy, the topic he has chosen is nice and will justice to the role of  George Reddy. however so as to form the film additional commercialised and thought, his grip on the drama misses get in several areas. He got all the aesthetics on spot however couldn’t handle the last half and climax well.


On the total, George Reddy may be a realistic student drama that has some sensible thrills. The setup, performances, and BGM are immense assets of the film. On the flip aspect, a uninteresting last half with easy proceedings, lack of fine drama, associated abrupt climax take down the film to an extent. The youth can just like the film because it has some sensible mass fights except for different general audiences, this film is simply a strictly okay watch with passable proceedings.

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