Raju Gari Gadi 3 Review

Raju Gari Gadi 3 Review

Raju Gari Gadi 3 – Comedy clicks story doesn’t

Release date : October 18, 2019

 Rating : 3/5

Starring : Ashwin Babu, Avika Gor, Ali, Urvashi, Brahmaji, Hari Teja

Director : Ohmkar

Producers : Oak Entertainments

Music Director : Shabir

Cinematography : Chota K. Naidu

Editers : Gautham Raju

Omkar is back with yet another movie in his famous franchise Raju Gari Gandhi 3. The film has Ashwin Babu and Avika Gor as the leads and has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


Ashwin(Ashwin Babu) is associate auto driver WHO creates a giant nuisance in his colony. On the opposite hand, whoever proposes Maya(Avika Gor) keeps obtaining tortured by evil spirits. therefore all the members within the colony develop a special arrange and build Ashwin fall smitten with Maya. the instant he proposes to her, strange things begin happening with Ashwin. WHO is that this Maya? what’s her background? and the way can Ashwin solve this mystery is that the whole story of the film.

Plus Points:

Unlike Raju Gari Gadhi 2 a pair of, Omkar has focused a lot of on fun and recreation. He has stuffed the half with numerous comedy that is that the biggest highlight. A twenty minute horror comedy episode in an exceedingly cottage throughout this point is humorous and creates solid fun.

When compared to his previous films, Ashwin appearance higher and has developed loads. He has danced well and performance wise too, he’s pretty smart within the film. Omkar has elevated all his abilities well within the film. Brahmaji was smart because the helpless doctor. Dhanraj will well in his restricted role.

Star comedian Ali once more proves why his comedy isn’t out of kind. He gets an outstanding role and evokes smart comedy throughout the film. His horror comedy scenes with Ajay Ghosh area unit humorous within the half. Ajay Ghosh is additionally pretty smart because the faux cake and is given in a position support by senir role player Oorvashi. Their combination scenes area unit pretty smart.

Avika Gor is nice within the climax and will well in her restricted role. The colony mates compete by Prabhas Sreenu, Hari Teja, and rig Sreenu have done an honest job in their roles. The computer graphics is great and showcases the horror comedy in an exceedingly smart lightweight.

Minus Points:

One of the fundamental drawbacks of the film is that there it’s no seriousness within the script. The story is started on a heavy note and once everybody thinks that there’ll be a crazy twist behind the issues, Omkar dilutes the plot and focuses on recreation.

The logic goes for a toss and everything is sidetracked for the sake of comedy that is nice. however {a higher|a far better|a much better|a higher|a stronger|a more robust|an improved} concentrate on story and content would have created matters even better. The climax is strictly okay because the film is resulted in a short time.

The first 0.5 is uninteresting as there’s nothing special that happens here. The story starts solely within the half and therefore the pre climax is additionally uninteresting.

Technical Aspects:

As aforementioned earlier, computer graphics by Chota K Naidu is great. the assembly values area unit prime notch and special mention to the art direction team because the production style and props employed in this horror comedy area unit smart. Music is simply regarding okay however BGM was spectacular. The funny one liners area unit quite spectacular and people written for Ali and Ajay Ghosh area unit very good. writing is neat because the film contains a crisp a pair of hours runtime.

Coming to the director Omkar, he has done a good job with the film. appears like he wished to erase all the complaints he received with Raju bitter cassava Gadhi a pair of and targeted a lot of on recreation. He showcased his brother well and intercalary smart fun within the half. however altogether this, he unnoticed the story and logic. There area unit several over the highest scenes within the film however area unit all lined with continuous fun within the half.


On the total, Raju Gari Gadhi 3 may be a timepass horror comedy that has tight fun within the half. A 20 minute episode evokes very good fun and entertains the audience. however the thought is sort of silly and logic goes for a toss throughout. this {can be} a sort of a movie that the plenty can like and every one those that love over the highest comedy can offer this film a trial. Don’t hunt for any story and simply keep company with the flow to get pleasure from the film.

Rating : 3/5